Cherry Picker Hire

  • 10m – 42m cherry pickers
  • truck mounted, self drive and trailer mounted cherry pickers

Cherry Picker Rental

10m tow behind Cherry Pickers

10m truck mount Cherry Pickers

14m self drive Cherry Pickers

14m truck mount Cherry Pickers

18.7m self drive Cherry Pickers

24m truck mount Cherry Pickers

42m self drive Cherry Pickers

At Jumbo Cherry Pickers, we have a solution for you.

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Electric Boom Lift

Self drive cherry pickers

Truck mount boom lift

Trailer mount boom lift

10m cherry picker

14m cherry picker

24m cherry picker

42m cherry picker

Cherry Pickers for Hire

We have a variety of cherry pickers suitable for any terrain or job. From power line maintenance to cleaning out gutters at an office, we have a cherry picker at a price to suit your budget.

From 10m cherry pickers all the way up to 42m cherry pickers ideal for both internal and external use. Signage rigging, factory maintenance, painting jobs, aircon repairs, high mast repair work, film industry lighting and camera use.

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Fast Deployment, Right Price

We have a Cherry picker or boom crane for any application from 6m to 24m boom lengths, truck mounted or trailer mounted for easy manouverability and access to tight spaces.

Jumbo Projects Cherry picker division offers a complete service for 1 day jobs or long term rentals. Most of our cherry pickers do not need a supplied operator and are very easy to operate. 

Talk to us, we have a solution for you

Cost effective

Wether you are doing maintenance in a warehouse, putting up signage or painting a building, we have a cherry picker access platform right for your job.

Quick Setup

Our Cherry pickers are ready to work within minutes of being driven to site. No lowbed transport required, no operator license required, just easy access to heights in a jiffy.

Price & performance

A Cherry picker gives instant access to heights up to 24m for personnel and light loads. Each access platform has controls that allow the operator to control the height and reach.

Cherry Picker Rental

10m tow behind Cherry pickers, 14m trailer mount cherry pickers, 14m truck mount cherry pickers

24m specialist Truck mount cherry pickers and 42m self drive cherry pickers for all job types.

At Jumbo Cherry Pickers, we have a solution for you.

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Cherry Picker Rental Johannesburg

Street Light/High Mast Maintenance projects Johannesburg

A cherry picker is ideally suited for light mast maintenance where 2 staff and tools can easily be accommodated in the bucket. Operation is either from the bucket or from the ground using remote controls.

truck mount cherry picker

Electrical Infrastructure Maintenance

Purpose manufactured cherry pickers mounted on 4×4 trucks to tackle the most difficult terrain. Safety at height is of prime importance and our cherry pickers will help get the job done quickly and Safely.

24m cherry picker truck mounted

Warehouse Ducting & Electrical Maintenance

Working around a building or warehouse requires maximum maneuverability and the trailer mount 6m-12m cherry pickers are the ideal equipment for the job.

Sign board Rigging and Maintenance

Signage installation and rigging. Signage construction and placement can be done safely and quickly with a truck mounted cherry picker or trailer mount cherry picker.

Film crew, lighting and recording at height

The film industry have very special safety and filming at height reqiuirements which our equipment is well suited to satisfy. We have a solution for the most demanding shots.

Roofing and gutter maintenance

The self operation of cherry pickers from the basket allows you to get the job done faster. Trailer mount cherry pickers ideal for indoor operation and the truck mount for outdoors.

Tree Felling & Tree Maintenance

Managing trees hard to reach branches that pose a danger to people, buildings and vehicles are no problem with a telehandler. Fell trees using your own operator.

Servicing Gauteng

We service the entire Gauteng region on both a short and long term rental basis. We would welcome the opportunity to quote.

Your own or our Operators

In most cases a cherry picker is operated by the worker on the platform but can be operated from the base of the trailer.


Flat Daily Rate No Surprises

No surprise. Our rate starts when the cherry picker leaves our offices for delivery. No extra establishment costs.


Quick Removal Fast and efficient

As soon as your job is complete, call our Ops number and request that the Cherry picker be collected, simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I use your operator if I want to hire a Cherry Picker?

No, you do not need to use our operators for cherry picker hire. A cherry picker is very easy to operate and would generally be operated by the person on the platform. We can however provide an operator should your site need one.

How much does it cost to hire a Cherry Picker

Cherry pickers are very cost effective rentals for working at height and can range quite significantly. Pricing would depend on the height, mobility type, whether or not an operator is required and length of hire. It is best to request a quote and be sure of the pricing, we act very quickly to quote requests and in most cases quotes are delivered within minutes.

Can a Cherry Picker be used indoors?

Yes, Cherry Pickers can be used indoors and are in fact ideal for maintenance work in shopping centers, warehouses and office buildings. They operate using batteries or a simple plug in power source. 

How far is the safe reach of a cherry picker?

A safe reach of a cherry picker would depend on wether the vehicle or trailer has outriggers and the span of the the base. Cherry pickers are meant for working at height and not designed for lifting heavy objects at a large reach. We have crane truck or mobile crane solutions for extended reach requirements.

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